Meaford Church of Christ


A group of Christians have met in the Meaford area since the William Trout family moved here in 1847 and began meeting with their neighbours every Sunday to Worship God and fellowship with each other.


This little group grew in number and has spread the word of God beyond Meaford to many communities.  Historically, there has been local groups meeting at Cape Rich, Griersville, Heathcote, and Bayview.  Christians from Meaford have spread the gospel throughout several areas of Canada and the world with the plea of restoring New Testament Christianity. 


It is remarkable that some of our members today are descendants of these first families who were early settlers and disciples of Christ.  They are: Cann, Cox, Elford, Franklin, Williams.  It is truly a testament of the faith and devotion of God’s people, and the influence of God’s spirit that the church still meets here today, almost 170 years later.


In the early years of the church it was called Disciples of Christ; currently we are identified as the Church of Christ.  The New Testament church is a collection of people who have put on and have been united to our Lord and Savior in believers’ baptism, (Gal. 3:26, 27) living and serving God in accordance with the scriptures.


Additional information about the church’s history can be found in our history book which was published in 1998.  It is available to anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Meaford church of Christ.


The goal as a congregation is to guide and encourage others into a deeper relationship with God through the study of scriptures, (both Old Testament and New Testament), prayer, worship and fellowship.


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