Jesus first followers were simply a group of people who dedicated their life to the teaching of their lord. these people had experienced Jesus and come to believe that he was the son of god. they made him their lord and king and set out to live with him and be like him (acts 2:26-28). they were not called by some name indicating their history or theology rather their name came from their affiliation with the Messiah or Christ. They were called Christians (Acts 11:26).

At the Meaford church of Christ Our aims, beliefs, practices, and principles can be summed up very Simply:

to be what they were; Christians

and do what they did; Follow.

We invite you to join us as we seek Jesus with honesty determination and Simplicity

 (Luke 9:23-27)


Our Church Family

By God's grace we have become a part of his family and what a joy it is to come together with others of like faith to share in the Blessings and Benefits of God's house. If there is anything we can do to bless your life, if you need prayers or would like to have a bible study or discuss the challenges of life we are here. Don't hesitate to drop by the building call or email.


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